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TD Cabanes

Young and dinamic, Technology and Design Cabanes, was born in 1994 specializing in the production of urban furniture, which origin comes from a family company founded in 1917 by Juan Vicente Cabanes. Determined and innovative, Cabanes faces up to a new transition from handcrafted furniture into an industrial organization, expanding its production to garden and inside furniture. Cabanes stands for the international market with strong and determination.

Quality, functionality, security and service are the principles aimed by the Technology and Design Cabanes staff, being focused in the changes suffered in the customs and become the public places more human are our philosophy. New shapes and materials in our designs and quality, with the confident of collaboration with professional designers. Lately Cabanes consolidates the success reached with the construction and inauguration of new installation, a fresh project with long future.
Av. de la Ciencia #7, 13005
Ciudad Real, España
Telfs.: +34 926 25 13 54 / 25 63 68